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  • Is coffee good for you? Of course it is!

    We drink a lot of beverages without always thinking about or even knowing whether they are healthy or not. Well I'm going to tell you now, coffee is good for you! Just don't add too much sugar to it! Although how bad is sugar really!

    Check out this informative article, which should make you feel better about drinking your next cup of coffee!

    Go Ahead Have Another Cup of Coffee

    For over the past 100 or so years coffee has gained a bad reputation for being an unhealthy addition to the human diet. However, coffee stands, chains, stores, and cafes have popped up all over the world that are flooded by customers everyday. But for all the hype, people continue to drink coffee day in and day out regardless of the stigma. Maybe that's because coffee in and of itself isn't bad for you at all.

  • The life of a coffee bean

    How often you do think about how much goes into a cup of coffee? Have you ever thought about the life of a coffee bean from growing, to picking, and finally to roasting. It is a pretty fascinating process and this article explains it well.

    I thought I'd share it with you.

    Coffee Beans - From Picking To Roasting - By 

    Coffee Cherry Harvesting

    What we refer to as coffee beans are in fact seeds from cherry-like fruits. Coffee trees produce cherries that begin yellow in colour they then turn orange and finally to bright red when they are ripe and ready for picking.

  • Some Good Tips for Coffee Brewing

    I'd like to share a great article I found about coffee brewing. The author gives you 10 quick tips for brewing your own coffee.


    Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Coffee Brewing - By 

    Mmm, there's nothing like freshly brewed coffee in the morning. For some people, coffee is the number one must have, and if you are one of those lucky people that can't stop loving coffee in the morning then you'll be pleased to know there are other ways to brew coffee.

    There are so many takes on how to brew coffee - from decorative foam to French presses. In this article we present our top ten tips and tricks for brewing coffee. Enjoy your next cup of hot joe!