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Affiliate Program Tips and FAQ

1. How do I know that you are legit? 

We have a social media presence and lots of positive reviews on our site. Feel free to check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We will be glad to give you a list of all the organizations that we have already donated to as well.

2. We're not in Texas, why are you reaching out to us?

Our goal is to partner with as many dog rescue organizations across the United States as possible. Since we sell our coffee online, geography is no barrier for us. 

3. How do I explain Harvey Coffee Company to others?

You can get all the information you need about our mission here, but in a nutshell, at Harvey Coffee, we fiercely love dogs and are passionate about providing great coffee that puts smiles on faces and supports a variety of dog charities. 

Millions of dogs are mistreated or stuck in shelters, and we don't think it should be that way. That's why Harvey Coffee offers fresh-roasted delicious coffee to support dog rescue organizations who find homes for dogs.

When customers buy coffee from Harvey Coffee, they will both enjoy great coffee and feel good knowing that they are helping dogs live better lives.

Our slogan is Have a Cup and Help a Pup.

4. What does, "Earn 10% when customers purchase using your referral link within 30 days" mean?

It just means that you will get credit for a sale when a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking your link. So, if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link on June 1st, as long as they make a purchase before June 30th you will get credit for the sale. 

The 10% commission will continue to be active as long as you are an affiliate.

5. How do I promote your company as an affiliate and how much time will it take?

You can promote our company in a variety of ways such as through email, social media, or your website. It will only take a few minutes to promote us to others.

Social media: You are likely already posting on Facebook and Instagram. You can do a quick post on your page and let others know about Harvey Coffee.

It is likely you are already sending emails to your donors and prospects if you are a rescue organization. All you would have to do is drop our link in an email with a brief mention about our mission and how they can join the cause by buying great fresh-roasted coffee from Harvey Coffee and get a 10% discount.

Website: Many affiliates have a partners page where they list all the companies they work with. This is a great place to post a link to Harvey Coffee, mentioning the mission, and the discount using the coupon code we provided.

6. How much money will I make?

It really depends on how much effort you put into it. Our site has great conversion rates because we provide many coffee options and have lots of positive reviews about our coffee. If you send prospects our way, a good percentage of them are likely to convert. The best affiliates are consistent and don't just post one time and stop. You will have the best chance of success if you continue to find creative ways to tell others about our company.

7. Do my referrals need to use the coupon code that was assigned to me in order for me to get a commission?

No, all that is required for you to get a commission is using the affiliate link we provided you. The coupon code is just a way for your referrals to get a discount on our site, which will likely increase conversion rates. If you want to offer them a discount, they must use that coupon code.

 8. How else can we partner together?

The sky is the limit! From monthly promotions where we cross-promote each other to fundraisers, we are open to whatever you have in mind. If you have a great idea for something specific we can do, please email us at