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Cupid's Mocha Coffee (12 oz): Whole Bean & Ground

Cupid's Mocha Coffee (12 oz): Whole Bean & Ground

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Who's the dog behind the coffee?
    • Hi, I'm Cupid, I came to Pets Alive a badly abused dog, with open wounds on my body, and I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.
    • I spent 5 months with a foster family as I was going through wound treatments and chemotherapy. I endured 23 weekly chemo treatments like a champ.
    • All of that is behind me now. My wounds have healed, I have finished chemotherapy, and my cancer is now in remission!
    • While in foster care, I got to go on shopping trips, day trips "jeeping" in the woods, an even get ice cream cones.
    • My foster family loved me so much that they just had to adopt me. The picture shows me with all my doggie brothers!


    What about the coffee?

      • Cupid's Mocha Coffee is a medium-roasted all natural flavored coffee with a rich chocolate decadence gently infused into a specialty grade arabica bean.
      • Each order begins with high quality beans that are carefully flavored with high-quality natural flavoring while still warm.

      We realize you may already have a favorite brand of coffee, but when you give Harvey coffee a try, you'll be doing more than just drinking a delicious coffee, you'll be supporting dog rescue organizations, who desperately need your help.

      Select a regular purchase option or subscription and get free shipping on every order. Additionally, after your initial subscription, your second bag in the subscription cycle will be FREE. 

      Here's why else you'll love this coffee.

      • Every Cup Helps a Pup: Proceeds from every Harvey Coffee bag sold support rescue organizations and charities that provide financial assistance to pet owners. So, enjoy a cup of Harvey Coffee and smile knowing that every bag of coffee you buy helps a beloved four-legged friend.
      • Fresh-Roasted: Our coffee is about as fresh as it gets, since it is roasted-to-order in small-batch roasters allowing for precise control leading to consistency and quality with every batch of coffee roasted.
      • High-Quality: We select only the highest quality specialty-grade beans for our blends and single origin roasts.
      • We Get Orders out Fast: Orders are typically roasted within 1-2 business days and shipped the next business day, so you get fresh-roasted coffee right at its peak of flavor.
      • Stay-Fresh Bags: Our coffee comes in a 12-ounce, valved, stay-fresh bag, ensuring it will stay fresh until you are ready to brew and enjoy a delightful cup of Harvey Coffee.
      • Ethically Traded Coffee: Most of our coffee comes from direct relationships with farmers and our roasters work directly with universities, governments, and farmers to improve farm conditions, income, and quality.

      I know you'll love my rich, chocolatey Cupid Mocha Coffee. Give my coffee a try. I really think you'll love it.