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Affiliate Program Details

Thank you for joining the Harvey Coffee affiliate program. Below is a quick walk-through video.

To go to your affiliate page, simply click the link in the email you received when you activated your account and login to your affiliate account. If you have lost your email you can simply go to this link.

And you'll see a page like this below.

On this page you'll find all the information you need about your affiliate account, including:

1. Your commission, which is the percentage of sales you'll receive as an affiliate. You'll get 10% commission for the first sale from a referral (unless otherwise noted), and 5% for any future sales from that person.

You will get credit for a sale when a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 30 days of initially clicking your link. So, if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link on June 1st, as long as they make a purchase before June 30th, you will get credit for the sale.

The 10% commission will continue to be active as long as you are an affiliate.

2. Your coupon code to give to others so they can receive a 10% discount. Note: Your visitors must use the coupon code assigned to you on the checkout page to get a discount. If you want to change your coupon code to something other than the default code that we generated for you then send us an email at with the desired change and we can update it for you.

3. Your payment email, which is your paypal email address where you will receive payments. If you don't have one yet, it is easy and free to sign up. Just go to and create an account.

4. Your statistics including current and total earnings.

5. Your affiliate link, which is your unique link to use to promote Harvey Coffee. Note, you must use this link to get credit for any sales you drive to us. You can even create new links pointing to different pages, like coffee mugs, or a specific product page, if you'd like.

For tips on how to promote Harvey Coffee and an FAQ, click here.